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Learn WebAssembly

We have hand-picked a few WebAssembly courses out there, check'em out!

Wasm By Example
Wasm By Example

Is a concise, hands-on introduction to WebAssembly using code snippets and annotated example programs. If you "learn best by doing", or just need a good starting...

by Aaron Turner (torch2424)

Getting started with WebAssembly & Emscripten
Getting started with WebAssembly & Emscripten

Understand what WebAssembly is and how it will impact Web Development. Learn to load and run WebAssembly modules, using...

by Ray Viljoen

Get Started Using WebAssembly (wasm)
Get Started Using WebAssembly (wasm)

This course begins with some small steps for working with WebAssembly straight away using online tools wasm Explorer and...

by Guy Bedford