Job description

At Gradient Health, you will be working at the intersection of cutting edge machine learning, scalable software, and healthcare. We believe engineers should have a high degree of autonomy and ownership over key areas of our product. You will have the opportunity to work directly with hospital and developer partners from around the world as we continue on our mission to build the next generation imaging platform for radiology. We deal with a variety of interesting problems including: processing terabytes of medical imagery, scaling to cloud and on-premise infrastructure, and creating browser efficient 3D medical image rendering.


  • Collaborate on shaping our next generation DICOM medical imaging platform 
  • Provide end-to-end solutions to interesting engineering and architecture problems 
  • Apply the best industry standards for software development, testing, and scalability

Minimum qualifications 

  • Must have experience in software engineering. 
  • Experience with end-to-end software development in general purpose programming languages like Java, Go, Python, Javascript, C/C++ 
  • Experience in cloud-based full stack software development and deployment 
  • Frontend: proficient in ES6 Javascript, experience with a frontend framework (ReactJS preferred), and common build tools (webpack, babel, etc) 
  • Backend: Prior experience developing scalable server-side software with microservice architectures, (Golang preferred).

Preferred qualifications 

  • Proficient with ReactJS, Golang, Postgres, and Docker 
  • Exposure to WebAssembly, WebGL, Websockets, VTK.js 
  • Experience using cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Alibaba) 
  • Experience with containerized deployments (Kubernetes, Docker) 
  • 3-5 years of industry experience or contributor to open source projects 
  • Hunger to grow technically in new areas and a strong desire to modernize healthcare
How to apply

Love health and technology? We're hiring. [email protected]