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Posted 2 weeks ago

Full Stack Engineer

AWS ES6 Node.js Oauth React SASS SQL WebAssembly WebGL WebSockets

We are looking for a senior full stack developer for Polarr\'s user facing web / mobile services. You\'re expected to be able to work from front to backend with technologies such as JS/ES6, ReactJS, WebGL, WebAssembly, Sass, Node, Web Socket, AWS, Oauth, SQL etc.

In addition to a strong line of consumer facing line products, we also power the technology behind some of the biggest hardware companies through licensing. 

Your role:

You will be responsible for developing Polarr\'s homepage, creating web applications for user communities, developing security and user privacy features in the backend, as well as building internal tools to facilitate marketing and app deployment from time to time.


  1. 4+ years of experience with modern frontend and backend development.
  2. Ability to work with complex codebase and legacy projects.
  3. Deep understanding in performance, memory tuning, compatibility in modern web browers.
  4. Expert in ReactJS/Angular/Vue.js, NodeJS, Express framework, SASS/SCSS, rendering template engines.
  5. Ability to implement complex transitions, animations with css.
  6. Familiar with Canvas, SVG, WebGL, and experimental web technologies.
  7. Familiar with database systems, data modeling and migration, SQL.

Good to have:

  1. Deep knowledge of WebGL 2.0, WebAssembly, Asm.js etc.
  2. Passionate about photography or making visual tools.


  1. Ownership of technology and/or products. 
  2. Small, flat team dynamic with minimal politics.
  3. 15 paid vacation days plus national holidays.
  4. Free lunch every day.
  5. Work from home every Friday.
  6. Free travel opportunities to China.
  7. Dental and health insurance.
  8. We sponsor H1B and Greencard.
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