Job description

The ECi Software Solutions family of companies provides business and e-commerce solutions, offering on-premise and cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi companies have served the manufacturing, office supplies, service technology, contract office furniture, lumber and building materials, hardware and jan/san sectors. We are industry experts supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of small and medium size enterprises. At ECi, our passion is to make your business stronger than it was the day before. We want you to be able to say “I win” every day!

To apply for this position, please attach a detailed resume that demonstrates your qualifications and skill set pertaining to this position. Applications without a resume will not be considered.

ECi Lasso is seeking a Senior Front-End Developer to continue to provide the best in Software Solutions to small and medium sized businesses

Lasso is the developer of the leading cloud-based, on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for the new-home-building industry.

We’re looking for a strong technical front-end engineer who really enjoys the challenges of state-management in user interfaces. Our app was initially written in Angular 1.x, but our approach moves it close to how modern apps use React - no two-way data binding, no global state, data is passed down and events bubble up (via event handlers.)

State is managed by a Reflux-like approach with RxJS streams. A state stream consumes various action-streams, and produces a state object that’s passed to the top-level angular directive.

We’re looking for someone who really loves writing front-end software and solving the various technical challenges that arise - optimizing time-to-first-meaningful-paint, optimizing bundle size and page load time, low input latency, etc.

If you’re excited about progressive web apps, efficient resource caching with service workers or experimenting with the newest Javascript-targeting transpiling languages, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As a fully remote team, communication is extremely important - there is no chance to drop in on interesting discussions around the water cooler, or to see if someone is busy just by glancing at their desk. We have systems to signal busy-ness; regular meetings and stand-ups to disseminate information, frequent one-on-ones to ensure there are no frustrations building up, a code of conduct and a formal complaint process to resolve conflicts early-on.

As a key member of our front-end team, you’ll:

  • Implement requirements provided by the UX developer
  • Tackle difficult coding problems like caching, concurrency and state management
  • Write effective high-quality code with a focus on performance and maintainability
  • Improve our architecture
  • Maintain and optimize our front-end build processes
  • Create reliable tests and work closely with our QA team for end-to-end testing 


  • You thrive in a self-directed and open work environment. There’s no boss breathing down your neck, no deadlines, no fixed work hours and no in-office requirements. It’s really important that you can manage your time well, and you know what you need in order to do your job well (e.g. what work hours to pick so you have enough time to communicated with team members effectively)
  • Lots of experience building and maintaining single-page apps
  • Familiarity with multiple modern Javascript and CSS frameworks
  • Experience with modern front-end build processes and current trends like new languages transpiling to Javascript or compiling to WASM
  • Familiarity with functional programming and bonus points for reactive programming experience
  • Experience with automated testing of client side Javascript (both integration and unit tests)
  • Good understanding of front-end performance optimizations 

How to apply

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