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Lead Software Engineer (Visualization)

2D 3D Modeling DirectX OpenGL Vulkan WebAssembly WebGL

Kernel is building next generation, non-invasive, mind/body/machine interfaces (MBMIs). Our team of 47 neuroscientists, engineers, and physicists are working on the frontier, pioneering in multiple fields. The technology we’re building will improve how we address mental disease and dysfunction and usher in a new era of exploring, improving and evolving our cognition. 

We’re looking for an experienced engineer with a background in OpenGL who can help us build new experiences for the next wave of human-centric technology.

Neuroscience is the new rocket science. We’re looking for those who can see it now, without the social proof that will follow in the years to come. 


  • Responsible for developing high-quality scientific data visualization software, data processing pipelines, and interfacing with in-house hardware
  • Builds and maintains a clean, concise and modular codebase for multiple platforms
  • Has a high ethic of software quality and a desire to accelerate software production by following best practices in unit testing and continuous integration
  • Develops for GPU environments requiring high performance; targeting low-end hardware and webGL
  • Makes decisions on future technical needs of the project 


  • B.S., Computer Science (or equivalent experience, certification, or education)
  • Proficient in a systems programming language (e.g. C, C++)
  • Proficient in using 3D graphics rendering APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan, etc.)
  • Proficient in 2D and 3D math/geometry, transforms, linear algebra
  • Experience building high performance real time visualization products and shipping them
  • Comfortable writing unit tests and building a well documented and maintainable codebase (familiar with proper version control, continuous integration pipelines etc.)


  • You stretched yourself by earning a graduate degree (MS/PhD) in CS, CE, or related field
  • You’ve worked for several years building your skills in computer graphics (OpenGL, 3D modeling, linear algebra, shaders, physics simulation)
  • You’ve worked in an environment that highly valued user experience and producing high-quality visual results
  • You’ve had a chance to get to know the latest generation of high-performance web technologies (webGL, wasm)
  • You are comfortable working in Linux with open source tools, preferably in an embedded environment
  • You’re used to working in an Agile/Kanban development environment
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