Job description

We are actively seeking for an experienced engineer to join our remote friendly team creating the tools to build the metaverse. You will be in charge of developing our core API used by all the developers in our community. Our platform provides a distributed and decentralized solution that allows developers to build 3D immersive apps by only writing small scripts. Our ideal candidate will possess a proactive personality with a strong sense of initiative. We are looking for someone who is excited to guide developers on how to build content on our platform.


  • 8+ years experience building highly-scalable, distributed systems.
  • Strong hands-on programming skills, preferably but not limited to JavaScript and C#, with deep knowledge of computer science and web technologies.
  • Excellent understanding of internet protocols and technologies (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SSL, WebSockets, WebRTC, etc.)
  • Desire to work with technologies like WebGL, WASM, Typescript, Unity, Web3, and Solidity.
  • Experience supporting a live production infrastructure and ability to put out fires under pressure when things go wrong.
  • Eagerness to uphold best-practices in engineering, security, and design.
  • Passion for crafting great experiences, down to the smallest detail.
  • Ability to ship features fast, while still balancing quality and long-term code maintainability.
  • A great teammate with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to thrive in a collaborative environment with multiple stakeholders.


  • Familiarity with blockchain-based technologies.
  • Previous experience as an architect or technical lead in large projects with a high level of autonomy.
  • Has built an app (any game, dApp, tool, etc.) for fun or motivated by personal frustration.
  • Takes joy in abstracting and refactoring.
  • Experience working on a distributed team spread across several time zones.
How to apply

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