Job description

WebAssembly isn’t limited to the Web, and Mozilla is one of the driving forces behind efforts to bring it to other platforms. The Developer Technologies team at Mozilla is leading the standardization of the WASI WebAssembly System Interface, and building a WebAssembly runtime based on this standard to bring WebAssembly’s portability and security to a wide range of use cases outside the browser.

We are looking for someone with a background in VM design, language runtimes, or systems programming to help with the design, standardization, and implementation of WASI. You will closely collaborate with our compiler engineers, and the rest of the Developer Technologies team working on WebAssembly tooling the Rust language and compiler.

You’ll own major components of our software stack, designing the architecture, writing code and tests, and analyzing data and consumer feedback. In doing so, you’ll regularly engage with consumers of our runtime inside and outside of Mozilla, with other WebAssembly compiler and runtime implementers, and with the W3C WebAssembly Community Group.

As a Staff Research Engineer working on our WebAssembly runtime you will...

  • Bring WebAssembly to new use cases outside the browser.
  • Help design and implement a secure and portable WebAssembly runtime in Rust.
  • Help design and implement a capabilities-based WebAssembly standard library.
  • Implement new WebAssembly language features.
  • Work in the open with a geographically-distributed development team.
  • Engage with the WebAssembly Working Group and other standardization bodies.

Your Profile

  • At least 3-5 years experience developing in languages such as Rust, C++, or C.
  • Experience in systems programming, VM design, language runtime design and implementation, or similar domains.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
How to apply

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