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Technical Lead, Oculus Browser

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On the Oculus Browser team, we're imagining and building what the future of the web will be like on AR/VR devices. The team is responsible for one of the most used applications in the Oculus ecosystem, leading the industry in developing and implementing web standards for AR/VR, and providing web technologies as a service to other VR applications. We’re looking for an experienced engineer with extensive experience across a range of technologies they can draw on to lead the architecture, technical direction, standards innovation, and feature implementation for Oculus Browser.


  • Propose, design, and implement architectural improvements to Chromium and Oculus Browser.
  • Collaborate with our engineering manager and product manager to identify, prioritize, and cost new browser features.
  • Demonstrate technical breadth and depth across dozens of browser feature areas.
  • Collaborate with framework/experience developers to build, improve, and support WebXR based experiences.
  • Integrate Oculus Browser deep into our platform, enabling other applications to leverage the web.
  • Mentor less experienced engineers.
  • Work with web standards committees and represent Facebook/Oculus to further standards that enable VR experiences (WebXR, WebGraphics, WebAssembly, WebAudio, etc.).

Minimum Qualifications

  • B.S. in Comp Sci/Comp Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 6+ years industry experience shipping consumer software and/or developer platforms
  • Experience working with 1 million+ lines of code
  • Experience developing systems level software in C++ or similar systems level software languages
  • Experience designing and implementing software systems
  • Web platform experience – e.g. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, web standards, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience working on projects that required cross-functional and cross discipline team interactions

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience developing and integrating with web browser engines (Chromium/Blink, WebKit, EdgeHTML, etc.)
  • Experience with the Android operating system
  • Full stack experience – front-end and back-end
  • Experience with computer graphics, GPU programming (e.g. HLSL, GLSL, or similar)
  • Experience with computer security, cryptography and digital signatures
How to apply
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