Job description

We’re working on a variety of projects that would benefit from using web technologies to implement immersive experiences across mobile, desktop, and specialized headset devices that cross the spectrum of realities (augmented, virtual, mixed, etc.). Though we certainly know that WebXR is in early days, we need developers with a focus in the relevant areas to collaborate with our teams to bring this to life in the context of real things people can use. We’re not just making prototypes and proofs of concept, we need to make things easier for the users.


  • Design and implement performant web-based interfaces for viewing and interacting with 3D content
  • Work with designers, artists and developers to (blah blah blah)
  • Profile CPU/GPU performance


  • Demonstrated experience with WebGL development (please link examples)
  • General experience with 3D rendering (OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, etc)
  • Intermediate to expert JavaScript (ES6) experience
  • Modern web development skills (e.g. jquery, node.js, NPM, webpack, templating systems, CSS, LESS, React, etc)
  • Awareness of compatibility and performance issues between browsers and devices
  • Version control (e.g. git)
  • Great communication skills and desire to work as part of a creative multidisciplinary team
  • Familiarity with profilers (e.g. RenderDoc)

Bonus Points

  • C++ development (especially with Emscripten and WebAssembly)
  • VR/AR experience (especially with WebXR)
  • three.js, A-Frame, csg.js
  • Other game engine or real-time rendering experience
  • Familiarity with MP4-based volumetric video formats
  • Have posted at least one sweet demo on ShaderToy

Magnopus is a content-focused technology company founded by a diverse team of Oscar-winning artists, interactive designers, and engineers from games, films, and unusual places. We’re passionate about creating rich experiences across the physical and digital worlds in ways people haven’t seen yet. 

Magnopus employees enjoy benefits such as an generous vacation policy, medical benefits including dental and vision, great co-workers, and access to next-generation technology so they can focus on making exciting things. 

How to apply

Apply right on their platform! 👇